Who are the Dos Damas?

It all started when my mom forced me to visit Colonial Mexico. Being a naive teenager, I thought the only reason you would go to Mexico would be to go to the beach. Once we reached San Miguel de Allende and the large metal gates opened to our casa, my life was forever changed. 

Years later, I lived with my partner in that very city in the heart of Mexico. We also spent half a year in Bucerias, outside of Puerto Vallarta. We loved the colors, the playfulness and the way of life. When we returned to the U.S., we always dreamed of having a little shop that would transport it's visitors to that colorful lifestyle of Mexico.

My wife and I started Dos Damas (Two Ladies), a concept boutique, to bring the joy of colonial Mexico to Portland. After living for over a year in Mexico, we both fell deeply in love with the culture and the fun of Mexican folk art. At Dos Damas, we sell housewares, blouses, otomi textiles, oil cloth bags and more! 

Our goal is to support artists in Latin America as well as local artists that craft in a joyful style. We want to engage our customers to explore and learn about folk art. We encourage them to create joy in their own spaces.  We also donate to and volunteer for the Global Pediatric Alliance, which supports women and children's health through safe prenatal care and practices.


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